Welcome to SEMO Weather

Just to be clear, we’re not professional meteorologists. We’re weather enthusiasts who enjoy following the weather and learning more about its development and how to be better prepared for severe weather.

We’re also not affiliated with the National Weather Service (NWS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) or any other government organization. The mentioned agencies do provide a tremendous amount of free resources and we use them throughout this website.

Southeast Missouri MapSince SEMO isn’t really a defined area, we picked these 16 counties as a focus for SEMO Weather. The majority of the counties are part of the Paducah NWS. Reynolds, Iron and Madison are part of the St Louis NWS while Dunklin and Pemiscot are under the Memphis NWS office.

Many weather forecasts  use boundary terms like mid-Mississippi valley or Tennessee valley. Click here to see a boundary map. All of Missouri is considered Middle Mississippi valley. SEMO also borders three other boundaries.